The public server runs a standard OpenCPU cloud installation. Anyone can use it to play around with the API, or publish packages, apps, data or code. However note that performance can vary and the server might go down or be upgraded without warnings. For hosting production code please install your own OpenCPU cloud server.

Public server

URL Location CPU Mem Timeout Los Angles, CA 16 × 2.8 G 16GB 60 sec

Packages on

All URLs interface to the OpenCPU Package API. To publish your packages and apps on, simply put them on github and use the Webhook API to automatically install the R package on the public server, every time you push a commit to Github!


Action URL (short) URL (long)
List installed packages on demo server
List repositories from Hadley
Package Info
plyr from CRAN
plyr from Github
Package Contents
MASS datasets
plyr datasets
plyr R objects
plyr help pages
plyr files
mammals sleep data (print)
mammals sleep data (csv)
mammals sleep data (json)
Manual pages
msleep help (text)
msleep help (html)
msleep help (pdf)
Example Apps
appdemo (src)
stocks (src)
nabel (src)
markdownapp (src)
mapapp (src)