Deploy packages and apps automatically on our cloud server (or on your own!) by configuring the webhook in your Github repository.

Webhook Location CPU Mem Timeout Newark, NJ, USA 6 × 2.8 G 12GB 90 sec

Simply copy the URL into the payload URL in your Github settings. Webhooks can be set per repository but also organization wide!

Deployment 1,2,3

  1. Once the webhook is configured on Github, your R package will be deployed automatically each time you push to master.
  2. For each push you will receive an email (in your spam folder) after a few minutes if the build was successful.
  3. The /ocpu/apps directory shows which apps are currently deployed.

The [yourname] domain provides a short URL to a Github user or organization app library on the public cloud server. The table below shows examples.

More Examples

Action URL (short) URL (long)
List installed packages on demo server
List repositories from ropensci
Package Info
cld2 from CRAN
cld2 from Github
Package Contents
MASS datasets
cld2 R objects
cld2 help pages
cld2 files
mammals sleep data (print)
mammals sleep data (csv)
mammals sleep data (json)
Manual pages
msleep help (text)
msleep help (html)
msleep help (pdf)
Example Apps
appdemo (src)
stockapp (src)
nabel (src)
markdownapp (src)
mapapp (src)