OpenCPU is a system for embedded scientific computing and reproducible research. The OpenCPU server provides a reliable and interoperable HTTP API for data analysis based on R. You can either use the public servers or host your own.

The OpenCPU JavaScript client library provides the most seamless integration of R and JavaScript available today. Enjoy simple RPC and data I/O through standard Ajax techniques. Check for yourself by trying the jsfiddle examples.

No need to learn crazy widgets or obscure framworks. The OpenCPU API is a clean and simple interface to R, nothing more nothing less. It is compatible with any language or framework that speaks HTTP.

OpenCPU uses standard R packaging to develop, ship and deploy web applications. Several open source example apps are available from Github. Any app can be used on the public server or locally within an R session.

The OpenCPU API is concurrent by design. Your applications will naturally support parallel computing and asynchronous requests without introducing any additional complexity.

Installing your own OpenCPU server is super easy and only takes a few minutes. The cloud server supports continuous integration and is highly configurable to fit your every need.

The cloud server builds on AppArmor to enforce security, and Nginx for caching and load balancing. All profiles and configurations can easily be customized. Our public servers have been steadily online for over a year without any problems.

All parts of OpenCPU are released under the Apache2 license. The software can be used, modified and redistributed for both for open source and proprietary projects in academia, industry or elsewhere.