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February 12, 2014 is a new domain for publishing code, data and apps based on the OpenCPU system. Any R package on Github is directly available via Thereby the package can be used remotely via the OpenCPU API to access data, perform remote function calls, reproduce results, publish webapps, and much more. The OpenCPU public server page explains how requests to map to the existing public demo server.


Action URL (short)
List packages on CRAN
List packages on BioConductor
Github repositories from: Hadley
Package Info
plyr from CRAN
plyr from Github
Package Contents
MASS datasets
plyr datasets
plyr R objects
plyr help pages
plyr files
mammals sleep data (print)
mammals sleep data (csv)
mammals sleep data (json)
mammals sleep data (json columns)
Manual pages
msleep help (text)
msleep help (html)
msleep help (pdf)
Example Apps
appdemo (src)
stocks (src)
nabel (src)
markdownapp (src)
mapapp (src)

How to use

To start publishing on you need to put your R functions, datasets, scripts, sweave/knitr documents into an R package and put it up on Github. This is not too difficult, there are many guides on how to do this. OpenCPU requires the name of the Github repository to match the name of the R package it contains. Use devtools to test if your package is working:

install_github("pkgname", "username")

If this succeeds you’re good to go. Navigate to where username is your Github login. The API docs and JavaScript docs explain how to read objects, files and datasets, RPC functions and develop apps.

By default the OpenCPU public server updates packages installed from Github every 24 hours. However, the Github webhook can be used to update the package immediately every time a commit is pushed to github.